WOTs WOT Model Airplane (1280 mm)

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The new Wots Wot biplane is the latest model in the growing range of Chris Foss designed ARTF aircraft, and has (by general agreement) the best flying characteristics of them all! With its sleek aerodynamic design and relatively large wing area the Wots Wot has incredible low speed handling, being able to fly at amazingly slow flying speeds, yet open the throttle and the aerobatic performance and precision is truly outstanding! Suitable for I/C use with .70 to .81 four stroke engines or electric power with suitable motor and 5 cell battery pack, the Wots Wot is compact enough to fit into most cars in one piece, even hatchbacks, however the model has been optimised for rapid assembly/disassembly, requiring only 6 screws tightening and 2 clevises connected.
The model is supplied as an airframe only, with separate I/C and electric power option fitting packs, the I/C pack containing engine mount, fuel tank, spinner and throttle linkage, the electric pack has motor mount, battery mounting tray with 2 battery straps, magnetically attached hatch cover and mounting frame and spinner with alloy backplate. Flight times of over 12 minutes of mixed flying were achieved during test flying of the prototype models using a 5S 4500mAh battery pack!
- Fully built-up from balsa and ply for maximum strength and lightness
- Pre-painted fibreglass cowling
- Pre-formed alloy undercarriage
- Tinted canopy and pre-painted pilot figure
- Factory covered in high quality heatshrink film
- Comprehensive set of accessories
- Detailed full colour manual

Wingspan: 1280 mm
Length: 1150 mm
All-up weight: approx. 3200 g

RC functions:
- Rudder
- Elevator
- Aileron
- Throttle

Kit contents:
- Fuselage, wings as well as the tailplane and control surfaces made from wooden parts are all completely finished in Solarfilm
- RC hardware pack including horns, snakes, linkages etc.
- Undercariage and wheels
- Comprehensive, illustrated building instructions

To run the model, you will also need:
- RC system with 4 channel or more
- Propeller and spinner
- Electric Motor: Quantum 55
- IC Engine: .70-.81 4-Stroke
- Speed Controller: 60 A
- LiPo: 5S 3,200 - 5,000 mAh
- STANDARD servos (4 - 5 pcs) (ex. S3003)
- Servo extension leads
- Servo Y lead (if neccesary)
- Battery charger with charge leads


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