EDGE 540 Red Bull ARF Model Airplane (1700 mm)

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The aerobatic machine in compact ARF form

The full-size
Since the mid-1990's numerous pilots have registered dozens of successes in open aerobatic class events with the Edge 540 thanks to the machine's superb performance. The Edge 540 has also been the aircraft of choice in the Red Bull Air Race. Compared with its main competitor - the Extra 300 - the machine has a higher performance and a better power : weight ratio. Since 2008 the only machine to have won in the Red Bull Air Race series has been the Edge 540. 
The model
Our Flitework-Robbe Edge is a very accurate, highly detailed model of the display machine operated by Air Race World Champion Hannes Arch, and expands the 6S class of this series by one further model. Superb flying characteristics combined with a sophisticated screen-printed multi-colour finish based on Oracover® film make this model a real eye-catcher both in the air and on the ground.

Anvergura: 1700 mm
Wing loading approx: 62.4
Length approx: 1600
Total surface area approx: 47.6
All-up weight approx: 3700

Set contents:
- Fuselage, wings, tail and control surfaces factory-assembled from laser-cut wooden parts
- Painted GRP cowl
- Vacuum-moulded canopy
- Aluminium undercarriage, wheels and wheel spats
- All airframe components already covered with printed Oracover® glossy film
- Control surface pushrods
- Small hardware items for RC installation
- Comprehensive illustrated building instructions


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