Jedrilica 2.0m SKY CLIMBER - glider

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Ready-To-Fly four-channel model aircraft moulded in EPO foam

The SKY CLIMBER is a good sized electric glider that is equally suitable for beginners or experienced pilots alike. At 2M span, she has quite a presence in the air and can be easily seen from a fair distance. The powerful brushless motor and ESC are pre-installed as are the 4 servos. All you have to do is intsall your receiver and battery and you are ready to go flying.

Made from tough EPO foam, the SKY CLIMBER can be docile as a trainer and aerobatic when required. Having both ailerons and rudder, the roll and turn response is immediate yet predictable. The wing section provides the right combination of high lift and good penetration into the wind. Under the right weather conditions, soaring is no trouble at all and long flights are easily possible. There is a lot of wing area and a low wing loading, so lift only has to be minimal for success. Even without lift, flights of 20 minutes plus are possible.

A great model for getting into gliders for the first time !!


Wingspan: 2010 mm
Overall length: 1210 mm
All-up weight: 970 g

RC functions:
- Aileron
- Rudder
- Elevator
- Throttle

Kit contents:
- Flying model made from EPO-foam
- Power unit with BL-Motor 28-35
- Lipo-battery 11.1 V, 1800 mAh 20C
- 12V Flight pack charger

Potrebna stanica da bi jedrilica mogla da leti!



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