ACROBAT EP Model Airplane (1230 mm)

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Just one look at the massive control surfaces and you can see that the new ST Model Acrobat is capable of serious 3D performance. And it doesn’t disappoint! Knife edge loops, stable harriers and waterfalls are well within the model’s capability. This is a model that will encourage you to push yourself to the limit.
Supplied with a powerful brushless motor and 50A ESC together with pre-installed 17g servos. All you need is your choice of transmitter and receiver plus a suitable 4S 2200mAh Li-Po and charger.
ST Models tough EPO construction ensures that this is a model that will last many seasons.
- Fully 3D capable design
- Removable side force generators
- Extreme 4S brushless power
- Easy glue free assembly
- EPO foam construction

Wingspan: 1230 mm
Length: 1333 mm
Weight:1440 g

RC functions:
- Rudder
- Aileron
- Elevator
- Throttle

Kit contents:
- Ready-made EPO fuselage, wing and tail panels
- Brushless outrunner motor installed
- Brushless electronic speed controller 50 A installed
- 4 x 17 g MINI servos installed
- Propeller Coupling, Propeller and spinner
- Comprehensive, illustrated building instructions

To run the model, you will also need:
- RC system with 4 channel or more
- LiPo battery 14.8 V/ 2200 - 2500 mA
- Battery charger with charge leads


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