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Super bandit

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Dve verzije setupa za ovaj avion:
* Best Parkflyer Setup: Brushless 1100kv, TP 1300 mAh 11.1 V lipo, elisa 9x7.5 prop, 15+ amp ESC. This model should weigh about 16 oz with this setup, will pull about 15 amps, and will have a top speed of just almost 60 mph. The light weight with this setup will make the model very maneuverable and great for small-field flying. Note that since the forward fuselage on this design isn’t nearly as long as the other park jets, it will have a difficult time balancing with this lightweight battery. So try to make the back end as LIGHT as possible and put all the internal components (receiver and servos) as far forward as possible.

* All-Out Speedster Setup: brushless 2200kv,baterija 2200 mAh 11.1 V lipo, Aelisa 7x6 prop, 25 amp ESC. The model should weigh about 19 oz with this setup, will pull about 20 amps, and should have a top speed of 70 mph! I sure hope the foam hangs together at those speeds… With this heavy battery, the model shouldn’t have any trouble with balance.