EXPLORER YACHT V3 2.4 GHz Sailing Model Boat

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A perfect first yacht the Joysway Explorer has great performance and is quick to assemble and get sailing. Factory finished from quality durable components including a fibreglass hull and carbon masts & booms. A quality sail winch servo included and pre-fitted along with a rudder servo, receiver and slim 2.4GHz transmitter. 
The Explorer yacht makes a perfect choice as a first model. A sophisticated hull design and built-in rig 'tuning' make it excel in a wide range of wind conditions. It makes a great choice for a group of experienced skippers and novices alike.
- Zinc Alloy Ballast
- Aluminum Keel
- Carbon Fiber Mast & Booms
- Plywood Boat Stand
Length: 655 mm
Overall height: 1338 mm
Mast Height: 915 mm
Beam: 148 mm

RC functions:
- Rudder
- Sail setting
- Jib Sheet Trim

Kit contents:
- EXPLORER Racind Sailboat Kit
- Hull material: Hand Laid Fiberglass (Detail Finished with Painting)
- Carbon Fiber Mast & Booms
- Radio System 2 canale 2.4 GHz
- Servo
- Battery Box & On/Off Switch for Receiver
- Zinc Alloy Ballast
- Aluminum Keel
- Plywood Boat Stand


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