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Introducing the  Universal Magnetic Propeller Balancer, a handy collapsible tool for a wide range of propellers.

The Universal Magnetic Propeller Balancer handles standard hub propellers with ease, but is one of the first propeller balancers designed to properly center "direct bolt" or "T style" propellers. A custom machined cone with a 4mm collar allows for static centering and a recessed flat sided cone for dynamic aligning of "direct bolt" or "T style" props, making most propellers no problem for this balancer. The high power rare earth magnets can handle up to most 14inch propellers with ease.

The U.M.P.B has one more trick by collapsing down flat, requiring minimal storage space, perfect for the field or tool box. The features and usefulness of this balancer makes this a must have tool to add to your cart. 

Size: 80x50x19mm
Weight: 50g
Distance between magnets: 52mm
Max Propeller: Up to most 14inch Propellers

4mm osovina minimum


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